Loan Fund Administrator

Bob Keel
Bob works closely with the director of lending and other business lenders to manage the underwriting activities associated with building a diverse base of borrowers and furthering NCIFund’s core mission. He maintains the database and software systems that support lending programs, impact tracking, borrower relations, and board or investor reporting. He supports the senior accountant by recording incoming and outgoing funds related to loan fund activities. As well, Bob serves as the assistant secretary to NCIFund’s board of directors wherein he takes the board minutes and archives the resolutions and ratifications of the board.    

Previously, Bob worked as a real estate assistant for TCF at the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, where he assisted the real estate manager and real estate legal manager in tracking various land acquisitions and dispositions. Bob has a Master of Business Administration and Regents Bachelor of the Arts from Shepherd University.  

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Phone: 304-870-2203   Office: Shepherdstown, WV