1. Read about our lending guidelines (below).
  2. Contact a lender in your region.
  3. Complete and submit the NCIFund Application 

Lending Guidelines

Natural Capital Investment Fund loans are designed to help businesses, non-profits and farms grow operations, increase profitability, create employment opportunities, and have positive environmental and community impact. 

Typically, our borrowers can't access traditional financing because they're too young, in innovative sectors, or are perceived as too risky. We'll work hard to understand your business and design flexible financing that meets your needs...and make sure that you have the ability to repay!  We use careful underwriting and a range of credit enhancement programs to make good loans. 

We're not a below-market or low cost lender.  We're not here to compete with banks. Instead, our mission is to provide access to capital for worthwhile businesses who can't use traditional sources. That means we take more risk, and so our interest rates are usually higher than traditional lenders. We always encourage you to obtain the lowest cost capital you can, from a traditional lending institution if possible.  
STRUCTURE:  Senior or subordinated debt. To help you leverage traditional debt from banks and other collateral-based lenders, NCIFund can provide the "equity-like" capital that's hardest to find.

INTEREST RATE:  Interest rates reflect risk. We determine risk by examining the business' past profitability and cash flow, the loan purpose, strength of collateral, and the borrower’s credit history. Short term loans can have a fixed rate; longer term loan rates are usually variable, tied to the Prime Rate.  

  $5,000 to $750,000.  Our financing is frequently part of larger total financial package.  Sometimes we can lend more by using SBA or USDA guarantee programs.

  • Fixed assets, such as equipment, real estate, and technology.
  • Working capital to grow sales through increased inventory, hiring, or marketing.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations, through our
    Energy Efficient Enterprises Initiative.

  • Working capital loans: 1-3 years
  • Equipment loans: 3-7 years
  • Real estate loans: up to 15 years

  • NCIFund charges an origination fee of 1%-2% of the loan amount, depending on the type of project. Borrowers pay all loan closing costs, including filing fees and attorney's fees. The origination fee and loan closing costs can be financed, at the option of the borrower, as part of the loan. 

**Natural Capital Investment Fund operates in compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.**