Location: Pink Hill, North Carolina
Years in Business: 2 Years
Product/Service: Fixed-wireless broadband
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Critical community infrastructure
Impact: Job creation, internet access for rural farms and families

Location: Asheville, North Carolina and Swannanoa, North Carolina
Years in Business: > 12 Years
Product/Service: Eco-friendly vacation and rental home cleaning; Solar-powered Laundromat
NCIFund Role: Business loans
Sector: Hospitality, Consumer services
Impact: Job creation, Community services, Environmental services

STARworks Glass team makes a pumpkin for a Hot Glass Cold Beer demo.
Location: Star, North Carolina
Years in Business: > 10 years
Product/Service: Center for creative businesses; Art programs; Art gallery
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Cultural tourism and consumer services
Impact: Downtown revitalization; Job creation

Location: Mount Nebo, West Virginia
Years in Business: < 1 year
Product/Service: Lodging
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Hospitality, outdoor recreation
Impact: Job creation, support for sustainable tourism 

Location: Kenansville, North Carolina
Years in Business: 1 year
Product/Service: Biogas from animal waste
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Renewable Energy
Impact: Water Quality, Renewable Energy

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Years in Business: 10+ years
Product/Service: Grease trap recycling
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Recycling
Impact: Job creation, water quality, renewable energy

Sound Space, LLC
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Years in Business: < 1 year
Product/Service: Recording studio and practice space
NCIFund Role: Business loan
Sector: Consumer services
Impact: Job creation, downtown revitalization, vital community services

Goat Lady Dairy
Location: Randolph County, North Carolina
Years in Business: 20+ years
Product/Service: Goat cheese
NCIFund Role: Business Loan
Sector: Local Food
Impact: Support for local food systems

Photo Courtesy of Whitney Flanagan
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Years in Business: 7 years
Product/Service: Restaurant
NCIFund Role: Equipment loan for expansion
Sector: Restaurants
Impact: Job creation, support for local food systems, downtown revitalization

BearWaters Brewing Company_NCIF Loan
Location: Canton, North Carolina 
Years in Business: > 5 years
NCIFund Role: Loan for real estate acquisition
Sector: Craft beer brewing
Impact: Job creation, downtown revitalization, sustainability
Jobs created: 5 new jobs since opening

Kevin and Melanie Sandefur originally opened BearWaters Brewing in Waynesville, North Carolina, in 2012. After four successful years of operation, they knew they needed to expand; they set their sights on 101 Park Street in Canton, a historic building directly across from the town’s active paper mill.