Inter-state Hardwoods_NCIF Technical Assistance
Location: Bartow, WV
Years in Business: >50 years
NCIFund Role: Technical Assistance
Sector: Forest Products
Partners: USDA REAP 
Impact: Energy savings

Inter-State Hardwoods has been in the sawmill business for decades, tracing its origins back to the late 1930s. The family-owned sawmill primarily manufactures hardwood boards and moulding, and is committed to sourcing its timber locally and sustainably. 

Fullsteam Brewery_NCIF Loan
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Years in Business: <10 years
NCIFund Role: Line of Credit, Equipment Acquisition, Refinancing
Sector: Craft Beer Brewing; Value-Added Agriculture
Impact: Job Creation, Strengthening Food Economy

Fullsteam crafts Southern-inspired “plow-to-point” beer, using local, seasonal ingredients like paw paws, persimmons, pears and pecans. In a post-tobacco era, Fullsteam is enlisting neighboring farmers, foragers and agricultural entrepreneurs to help build a Southern Beer Economy, one pint at a time.

Bullock Properties_NCIF Loan
Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Years in Business: > 5 years
Product/Service: Renovation of historic properties
NCIFund Role: Construction loan
Sector: Main Street redevelopment
Impact: Construction jobs, creative reuse

It’s a lot noisier than it used to be in Elk City, a 1900’s-era section of west Charleston, West Virginia.