NCIFund lends to companies and non-profits that have a positive impact on the natural environment or provide basic human needs. Sectors of particular interest include:

  • Local and value-added agriculture
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable forest products
  • Recycling and materials reuse
  • Ecotourism and heritage tourism
  • Natural products and medicines
  • Water conservation and water quality
  • Small town main street redevelopment
  • Vital community services (e.g., health, affordable housing)

Our Impact Report provides more detail about our most active sectors. 

Geographic Focus

We serve all counties in West Virginia and North Carolina, as well as the Appalachian regions of Kentucky, MarylandOhio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia

We can also provide loans under $50,000 to forestry-related businesses and local food-related projects across the U.S, in conjunction with a local lending partner.

To learn more about the great entrepreneurs we work with, check out our Borrower Profiles or view our borrower map