Borrower Profiles

Goat Lady Dairy
Location: Randolph County, North Carolina
Years in Business: 20+ years
Product/Service: Goat cheese
NCIFund Role: Business Loan
Sector: Local Food
Impact: Support for local food systems

Photo Courtesy of Whitney Flanagan
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Years in Business: 7 years
Product/Service: Restaurant
NCIFund Role: Equipment loan for expansion
Sector: Restaurants
Impact: Job creation, support for local food systems, downtown revitalization

BearWaters Brewing Company_NCIF Loan
Location: Canton, North Carolina 
Years in Business: > 5 years
NCIFund Role: Loan for real estate acquisition
Sector: Craft beer brewing
Impact: Job creation, downtown revitalization, sustainability
Jobs created: 5 new jobs since opening

Kevin and Melanie Sandefur originally opened BearWaters Brewing in Waynesville, North Carolina, in 2012. After four successful years of operation, they knew they needed to expand; they set their sights on 101 Park Street in Canton, a historic building directly across from the town’s active paper mill.

Tyrone Williams and his family at Fourtee Acres. Photo courtesy of Fourtee Acres.
Location: Enfield, North Carolina (Halifax County)
Years in Business: > 10 years
NCIFund Role: Technical assistance, accounting
Sector: Timber, sustainable forestry
Impact: Sustainable land management, wealth creation

Tyrone Williams’ 62-acre timber and crop farm, Fourtee Acres, in Enfield, North Carolina, has been in his family for generations. Connected to a larger family operation that includes cropland and rental properties, Fourtee Acres was named with dual meaning: a play on the “40 acres and a mule” that was promised to freed slaves during Reconstruction, and the four “T’s” in Tyrone’s family—himself, and his three sons Trevelyn, Tremaine, and Tyron. His wife Edna, according to Tyrone, represents the double “e,” with her energy and encouragement.

Christian Prep Academy_NCIF Loan
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Years in Business: > 15 years
NCIFund Role: Loans for real estate and equipment purchase
Sector: Child care
Impact: Job creation and vital community services, child care for at-risk students

Pamela Powell started her child care center, Christian Prep Academy, in 1998, and has built a successful and profitable business over the past 19 years.  The Academy carries a 5-star rating from the state of North Carolina—the highest rating a center can receive.  Because of Christian Prep’s stellar rating, the center is able to receive higher reimbursement rates from the state, and is one of just a few centers in the state that has been awarded pre-K slots for at-risk youth.  The center currently enrolls more than 60 youth, and has a maximum enrollment of 90.

X-CEL Performance Rehab_NCIF Loan
Location: Ridgeley, West Virginia
Years in Business: <5 years
NCIFund Role: Loans for start-up working capital and building purchase
Sector: Health care
Services: Physical therapy
Jobs Created:
Impact: Job creation, vital community services

Lymphedema is a treatable—but not curable—condition that can occur after cancer surgery or radiation affecting the lymph nodes. The condition causes considerable pain and swelling in the arms or legs. Fortunately, trained physical therapists can help relieve the symptoms by reducing patients’ pain and improving their mobility, often lessening the need for further surgery or the long-term use of prescription medications. 

Silver Maple Farm_NCIF Loan_photo (c)NCMMLS
Location: Columbus, North Carolina
Years in Business: < 1 year
Product/Service: Horse boarding and training
NCIFund Role: Working capital loan
Sector: Equestrian, outdoor recreation
Impact: Support outdoor recreation, woman-owned business

Laura Price grew up around horses. She first began riding in 1979, and has spent most of her adult life working with them in some capacity—whether riding, training or running a stable. It’s no surprise that Laura’s dream has been to own her own horse barn and boarding facility.

Sport Outfitters_NCIF Loan
Location: Williamson, West Virginia
Years in Business: < 1 year
Product/Service: Lodging
NCIFund Role: Business loan, technical assistance
Sector: Hospitality, outdoor recreation
Partners: Appalachian Regional Commission, First National Bank of Williamson, Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority
Impact: Support sustainable tourism economy

Jeff Davis, a former coal miner, was born and bred in Mingo County, West Virginia. He mined coal for eight years until 2006, when he opened up his own contracting business specializing in home remodeling and residential construction. While mines have closed in southern West Virginia, Jeff and his wife Anita have watched the Hatfield-McCoy Trails expand.

Earthseed Land Cooperative_NCIF Loan
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Years in Business: <1 year
NCIFund Role: Acquisition loan
Sector: Eco-Tourism, Health and Community Services 
Partners: Triangle Land Conservancy

The eight co-founders of Earthseed Land Cooperative (ELC) have a vision: to use land to support the collective health, wealth and environmental sustainability of diverse communities in Durham, North Carolina. 

Mountaineer Brand_NCIF Loan
Location: Martinsburg, West Virginia
Years in Business: <5 years
Product: Men's Natural Grooming Products
NCIFund Role:
Working Capital Loan; Solar Energy Assistance
Sector: Natural Products
Impact: 15 Jobs Created; Renewable Energy Use

Stubble. Fade. Circle. Carved. Goatee. Van Dyke. Full. Mountain Man. These are just a few of the many styles of beards appearing on men all over the United States in the last few years, and the trend shows no sign of abating.

But as most women will tell you, with any hairstyle—including men’s facial hair—comes the need to take care of it, to keep it healthy and clean and smelling good.  And this calls for “product”—in this case, beard balms, beard oils, beard washes, and special combs and brushes.